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At Nachlis | Cohade | Lopez-Whitaker, LLP, we understand that military divorce cases require a unique and comprehensive approach due to their unique challenges. Our experienced team of legal professionals provides tailored guidance and representation to individuals in San Francisco navigating the complexities of military divorce. 

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Understanding Different Types of Military Divorce

Military divorces, like civilian divorces, can take various forms depending on the couple's circumstances. These include:

  • Uncontested Military Divorce: This occurs when both parties agree on all divorce-related matters, such as property division, child custody, and spousal support.
  • Contested Military Divorce: In cases where spouses cannot agree on key issues, a contested military divorce may arise. 
  • Long-Distance Divorce Challenges: Military personnel often face the challenge of being stationed far away from their spouse. 

Key Requirements for Military Divorce Proceedings

Before proceeding with a military divorce, certain requirements must be met. These requirements include:

  • Residency: One of the parties must meet the residency requirements of the state in which they intend to file for divorce. 
  • Protections Under SCRA: The SCRA provides certain legal protections for active-duty military members, including postponing civil proceedings such as divorce while on active duty. 
  • Establishing Jurisdiction: Determining the appropriate jurisdiction for filing a military divorce can be complex, especially if one or both spouses are stationed in different states. 

Unique Aspects of Military Divorce vs. Civilian Divorce

Military divorces entail unique considerations that set them apart from civilian divorces. These differences include:

  • Division of Military Pensions and Benefits: Military pensions and other benefits are subject to specific rules and regulations.
  • SCRA and Stay of Proceedings: The SCRA allows military members to request a stay (postponement) of court proceedings if their military duties affect their ability to participate. 
  • Child Custody in Military Families: Military service often involves frequent relocations. Determining child custody arrangements can be challenging when one parent is regularly relocated. 
  • Financial Considerations in Military Divorce: Military divorces may involve complex financial aspects, such as combat pay, housing allowances, and tax considerations. 

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